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You might think it could never happen to you, but people across America find themselves facing drug charges every day. Cases can range from intent to sell or distribute to a friend leaving behind an illicit substance in your car without you knowing. Whatever the case may be, here are common mistakes to avoid when charged with a drug-related crime.

Talking to the Police

This is the number one mistake most people make. You may want to defend your innocence or explain the situation, but anything you say to the police can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Cops are famous for trying to coerce a confession out of their detainees, too. Even if they act as though they are on your side, remember that their agenda is for their arrest to lead to a conviction. 

Consenting to Searches

Officers will want to search your vehicle, property, and person during any drug-related case. Never, absolutely never, consent to a search. Evidence collected against you during the process cannot be challenged in court. Let the cops obtain a proper warrant first.


Unlike traffic violations, waiting for the state to contact you in this matter is a mistake. The odds of your charges being dropped are slim to none, which means you’ll be unprepared when the time comes to appear in court.

You should speak with a legal professional immediately after being charged. A skilled representative like this drug lawyer in Boulder is your best bet at fighting the charges against you. Without one, your chances of heading to prison increase dramatically.

Speaking to Others

In many cases, the person charged feels as though they can plead with the complaining witness to drop the charges. They might be a friend or family member, for instance. However, you’ll likely find yourself in more trouble by doing this.

Most states do not allow the complaining witness to drop the charges, and speaking with them can lead to intimidation and other charges. Tampering with a witness is the most common and happens to be a felony. 

You might want to discuss what’s happening with those you trust, but doing so can turn them into witnesses the prosecution can call to the stand. Even if you think your friends have your back, don’t risk your freedom. Speak with your attorney only about your charges.

Court Appointed Attorneys

Public Defenders are respectable legal professionals, but there’s a catch to this cheap alternative. First, any possible deals with the state are thrown out if that appointed attorney spoke with the judge or state prior. This also applies if they’ve undertaken discovery. No plea could potentially mean a greater sentence.

Second, these individuals have enormous case loads and rarely get the chance to spend enough time on each case. While they are good at their jobs, wouldn’t you rather have someone dedicating all of their time to your case instead? 

Third, public defenders handle several types of law as opposed to the charges you are facing. They might have taken on drug charges in the past, but that doesn’t make them an expert in this area of the law.

Finally, public defenders often lack the necessary resources to investigate and prepare your case. Any request for funds can be denied, leaving you in a boat without a paddle. A law firm, on the other hand, has all the resources you need to fight the charges you’re facing. 

At the end of the day, choosing a skilled representative from a law firm is your best bet at fighting a drug charge. Don’t hesitate if you or someone you know has been charged with drug-related crimes. If you are in Colorado, speak with a drug lawyer in Boulder who understands this area of the law today, before it’s too late.

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