Want To Hire The Right People? Azaan Subhani Will Show You How With The Use Of Technology


In every organization, people remain their greatest asset. The correct number of people can make it easier for your business to achieve its goals. Hence, hiring the right people is always crucial in the recruitment process. The right people would stay longer in the company and improve the organization’s employee retention.

Azaan Subhani, current Managing Director of Marlin Strafe, knows the value of hiring the right people for your business. “A low employee retention rate can hurt the productivity and performance of the organization. It could increase your operational expenses since you will be spending more money on hiring new talents,” Azaan explained.

Why Your New Hire Fails?

Ever wonder why most hiring candidates leave your company in less than one year? Azaan shared two reasons why your new hire fails:

  1. Your recruiter is ripping you off.

Azaan said that most agency recruiters focus on identifying candidates with similar backgrounds, degrees, and credentials. “However, employers find that 30% to 35% of their new hires leave the company in less than a year. These agencies are nothing more than a glorified resume purchasing company,” he added.

He explained that the existing hiring process is like a resume or CV harvesting operation. “For example, If I am a company looking to hire a new Director of Medical Affairs. I will contact a few different recruiting agencies and engage them. They will collect resumes from potential talent. Then, they will email me those resumes and tiny descriptions, and that is it!” he added.

Azaan said that as soon as the transaction was over, they got paid for it. In theory, he noted that it’s pretty profitable for recruiting agencies to send bad candidates. “Most recruiting agencies say that the industry standard is a 60 to 90 days guarantee period; if the candidate they place leaves within that time, they will replace them for free. I have seen many cases wherein they interview someone. The candidates look great on paper, and you hire them, but after three months, they’re gone. So, you will again pay a hefty fee for recruiting one or two more times to get the right person for the job, new talent,” he continued.

One of the things that Azaan observed since entering the recruitment space is the very low barrier of entry for recruiting agencies. Due to this, you have a lot of firms in the space with no quality control and pushing sub-tier services.

Azaan also noted that clients of the time tell him that most recruiters do not care about the client’s business past getting their invoices paid. “Agencies harvest resumes and send them to the client. They’re done as soon as they get the cash in the bank. They usually don’t care about the candidate’s retention rate,” he said.

  1. You are not evaluating the psychological and behavioral aspects of employment.

Azaan shared that employers often implement behavior-based programs like these, but they are usually only on the candidate side.

“How many times have you ever met a candidate on the strength of their CV yet been disappointed in the interview? And how many times have you hired a candidate who seemed great during the recruiting process but during the actual job they failed?” he said.

Azaan pointed out that using multiple levels of psychometric and behavioral testing is crucial to test three main points. “First is how candidates appear. The second is what the candidate can do. And third is what will the candidate do,”

He further explained that Level 1, or how candidates appear, would cover the candidate’s mannerisms, presence, and interests. “Level 2 or what can the candidate do, on the other hand, deals with the candidate’s knowledge acquired, skills, experience, training, education, and credentials,” he said.

Azaan said that Level 3, or what the candidate will do, focuses on the psychological side of hiring. “You need someone who has the skills to do the job and does the job the way you want it done! This testing would include things like stability and persistence, maturity and judgment, aptitude and capability to learn, and temperament and behavior pattern,” he said.

  1. Clients will often hire on skills and fire on behaviors.

Azaan said that another reason why new hire fails is employers would hire candidates based on the skill sets stated on their CVs but would fire them based on their behaviors. “Often, employers will hire candidates based on Level 2 judgment and assessments or what the candidate can do. However, he added that employers would fire them based on Level 3 assessments or how the candidate is doing the job,” he added.

Hiring The Right People Through Technology

Azaan said that employers could fix their hiring process and hire the right people with the help of Marlin Strafe. He added that they would create a bespoke, customized solution for your hiring needs. “We will design a custom Level 3 assessment platform made just for you at no extra cost to the recruiting service,” he continued.

How will they do it? Azaan explained that they would look at both candidates and the vacant role. They will assess the role first before evaluating the candidate. “We require our clients to take a similar assessment to determine what a Level 3 candidate looks like. We do this to find the right individual who can perform the job, matches the credentials for the role, and can do it the way the client wants it to be done,” he added.

“Our platform, Strafe Search®, uses cutting-edge technology to find the best candidate to fill the role. Team. We used cloud-based solutions, multiple loads of psychometric tests, and behavioral analysis and testing to get the right individual who can fill in the role and fit into your corporate culture,” Azaan said.

Azaan guarantees that 96% of the candidates would still be in the role after 12 months. “If they quit within the 12 months, we will fully replace them, and you have your money back. That’s a guarantee,” he added.

If you want to hire the right talent for your company, you could visit their website, https://marlinstrafe.com/, and drop them a message.

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