Making it Big in Sports at a Young Age; The Story of Jesus Bullon Penco

It is important to realize the best that you can be at a young age. Encouraging children to practice what they are good at makes them confident when growing. One of the best examples of a person that made the best out of themselves is Jesus Bullon Penco, also known as ByJesuxEsP. 

As a young player, ByJesuxEsp could both play and become a coach. His playing career was short and full of success. Starting with little leagues and making everything that mattered to himself by going to the world cup.

For a person to make it to both the world cup and the Olympics, much hard work is involved. By starting from a little league, ByJesuxEsP was able to play in some of the world’s most important and highly ranked leagues.

Jesus Bullon Penco as a Player 

By proving to be one of the most respected players in the Rocket League, he was privileged to play for some of the best leagues. He started being the lead player in turkey by playing for one of the best teams in the country, known as Besiktas JK. Winning him several high-level nominations and tournaments.

Qualifications to the RCLS X Rocket League came with more awards that made him become recognized and called to different media platforms. One of the most important was the official Rocket League Twitch channel, with over 150 thousand people watching live.

Live channels allow people to know a person more. The same Twitch channel came with more opportunities, making ByJesuxEsP even more famous. He could play even better, considering his name was now on the map.

Championship and Tournaments

The world cup and the Olympics are some of the best achievements for a sportsperson. Representing the Spanish team and winning the RLCS also added some respect for ByJesuxEsP. Making him one of the most respected Rocket League players and coaches

The win brought about other wins. One of the most famous is being the champions of Spain by winning against Barca in the final played in Madrid. One of the most important achievements was eliminating FCB, which had always presented itself as a major competitor.

Being a great player comes with a lot of responsibilities. ByJesuxEsP played for so many teams. Considering his achievements, the best teams that made him great include Red Bull, ESL Masters, and Movistar—attaining the best positions in his career.

After making the best of his life in 2019 and 2020, it was time to move on. ByJesuxEsP moved on to become a coach. Making sure that being a coach and a player, he would make sure that everything he dreamed of and wished for came true.

The Joys of Being a Coach

At the age of 23, becoming a coach was one of the most important things that happened to ByJesuxEsP. He was able to coach a game that he liked so much. With endorsements from both Nike and Red Bull, he succeeded not only as a player but also as a coach.

In fall 2020, he was able to become a full-time coach. My coaching Team Queso participated in the RLSC season 10 in the EU Regional. The team, under his coaching, was able to make it into the major in 2021.

During the same year, he made it to the EU region event in march and got signed by his team as the head manager. During the same time, his country also recognized him as both a citizen, a patriot, and also a coach of the team that he played for and managed.

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