5 Reasons Why You Need To Connect Directly With Your Supporters


Millions of people are earning from social media. Platforms like Tiktok, Snapchat, and Youtube have presented an opportunity for ordinary people to become social media stars and multimillionaires. Yet the influence of social media goes deeper than just networking, earning, and entertainment. Brands are also eyeing social media and actively seeking influencers to grow their brands. We exist at a time when people are turning to their favorite Instagram Stars, Youtubers, and TikTok personalities for advice and recommendations on what to buy and where to go.

If you’re an influencer or a creator, or you plan to become one, you’re definitely looking for ways to deepen your influence. Today we’ll cover five reasons you need to connect directly with your supporters.

5-Reasons Why You Need to Connect Directly with your Supporters

  1. Build trust faster.

The core of becoming an influencer is to build relationships, trust, and credibility with fans. The best way to do this is by connecting directly with your supporters. Engage with your fans and get to know them a little better, including their likes, dislikes, and needs.

  1. Greater Experience for your fans.

When you connect directly with your supporters, you give your fans a greater experience. If they’re following you, then it means that they like you. What better way to give your fans a more authentic experience than connecting directly with them?

  1. Stronger Influence

Connecting directly with your supporters is an opportunity for you to strengthen your social influence.People value connection, and in today’s world, many young adults prefer online interactions rather than physical ones. Connecting directly will help you communicate your message to an actively engaged audience, making you more influential.

  1. More Opportunities

When you connect directly with your supporters, it gives you more opportunities to work with brands. Companies increasingly understand the power of the connection influencers have with their fans and the impact this has on buying habits. A growing number of brands are increasing their influencer budgets year over year. When brands observe that you have a strong relationship with your supporters, they’ll likely want to work with you and pay you handsomely for you to engage those supporters with a particular message.

  1. Better Content

The direct connection with your supporters will ultimately lead to better content. Your fans will share their ideas and experiences with you, giving you direction on how to better engage your audience.

The Feature App

Most social apps today don’t facilitate a direct connection between creators and fans. In most instances, you have to post the content first, wait for your fans to check it out, and after a while, get feedback. Consequently, if you are an upcoming influencer or creator, it will take a while before you understand what your supporters like or dislike.

The second issue is monetization. Social apps today determine how much creators earn, and the creators have to comply.

Matt Brown, Founder, and CEO of Feature Live created his platform to act as a standalone ecosystem where content creators can  engage directly with their supporters. The platform lets content creators set their own prices on content, live streams, and 1:1 video call bookings. You can download the app to check out its benefits and connect with Matt on Linkedin & Instagram.

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