LaQuanda Brownlee’s Successful Real Estate Journey: 4 Lessons To Learn


LaQuanda Brownlee is a successful realtor based in Dallas, where she has helped people relocating to Texas purchase their dream homes. She has practiced for six years, honing the skills that have helped her offer exceptional services to her customers, enabling them to buy dream homes seamlessly.

LaQuanda’s competence in her specialty has seen her receive the prestigious Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist accreditation. Four essential lessons from LaQuanda’s booming real estate career could help you buy, sell, and invest in this sector.

  1. Surpassing Customers Expectations

LaQuanda has cultivated a culture of handling each customer’s needs based on uniqueness. She avoids overgeneralization by using the templates that she captures customers’ specifications about their desirable ideal homes. Using this approach, she has always exceeded customers’ expectations.

She has also designed an open communication system where customers are requested to give feedback at the end of the process. How was your experience concerning our services? That question has offered an opportunity for LaQuanda to learn her weak points that she has consistently worked on improving customer service.

  • High Competence

Many real estate customers do not have background knowledge of purchasing, selling, or investing in real estate. Customers are comfortable operating with highly knowledgeable and competent real estate agents.

LaQuanda’s expertise in real estate has helped her gain customers’ confidence which has boosted their loyalty. For those purchasing their dream homes, she has guided them and advised them on the first step, which is working with a reputable lender. . She has guided clients to consider mortgage companies that offer low-interest mortgages. If you are selling your house, she will assist you in selling the property  at a profitable price with minimum stress. Her expertise will help you make a profitable real estate investment.

  • Transparency and Integrity

Many customers are nervous about procuring realtors’ services, especially if they have had financial losses through rogue agents. Promising customers good services and failing to deliver leads to clients losing trust in the Realtor and the process. I strive to ensure a seamless process.

LaQuanda has built customers’ trust through maintaining transparency in all the transactions to ensure that customers find positive value for their money. Transparency and integrity will promote customers’ loyalty and refer their friends to you, which would help expand your market share.

  • Customers engagement

Customers are comfortable doing business with companies that maintain open engagement. She has established an online presence and official website where customers are free to ask any question.

The LaQuanda Brownlee Real Estate Group  has supported prompt customer feedback that has boosted their satisfaction. They have learned to strengthen positive feedback and to improve areas where customers give negative feedback. Customer engagement has increased customers’ trust and loyalty. They have also allowed the clients to go through a quick and easy on boarding process to ensure their needs are communicated and assessed regarding their home purchase or sell.

Wrap Up Establishing a successful real estate agent is difficult, especially when you don’t have background experience in this field. Borrowing from LaQuanda’s four lessons together with her mentorship, you could establish a successful real estate agency. For more information on purchasing, selling, investing, and establishment of real estate agencies, contact LaQuanda Brownlee on LinkedIn.

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