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The Courtenay Turner Podcast is taking the podcasting space by storm. Founded by Courtenay Turner, she saw growth opportunities, having faced many difficulties in her life and multiple physical limitations since birth.  

Through her What is Movement show, she wanted to impact others positively, especially those who feel they can’t move forward any longer. Her podcast discusses psychology, political views, philosophy, health and fitness, and personal development based on her thoughts. 

Additionally, Courtenay wanted to inspire people to connect with their bodies and movement styles that resonate with them. “I want to inspire people to tap into their physical home(their bodies) and to learn from my story and the inspiring stories of other movement experts how to create a “movement mindset” to overcome adversity, build resilience and heal themselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually,” says Courtenay. 

That’s why her program interviews athletes, movement athletes, performance athletes, and athletes with disabilities who have leveraged the power of movement to build physical and mental resilience.

Courtenay’s joy is to see a generation that, instead of seeing adversity as a barrier to success and happiness, can see it as an opportunity for growth. She speaks on complex topics while still performing aerial acrobatics as part of the event to show what is possible when people believe it wasn’t. 

Courtenay lets people know how she spent most of her life exploring the human psyche via academic pursuits. Yet she always turned to “movement” for healing and self-expression. Courtenay shares how her childhood experiences taught her not to see her congenital condition as something that limited her. Instead, she turned to ‘movement’ to explore her body and the potential of physical expression through movement. 

Courtenay tries to instill to her listeners the belief that all human beings were designed to move, and how they do are their creative expressions. Human beings are complex structures with interconnected bodies, minds, and spirits. “When people see me combine my public speeches with aerial aerobics, they see that complexity and how I can harness it to overcome my condition,” says Courtenay. 

Hundreds of his episodes on different topics will inspire and inform you. For instance, in one of his latest episodes, Courtenay invites one of her friends to the show. This friend, Sean David Morton, shares his battles and discusses a range of the present tabooed “conspiracy theories.” He shares his knowledge taking the listeners through a journey divulging his cognition of arcane events, including Hillary Clinton’s suspicions, the death of JFK Jr, Biden in the Ukraine, extraterrestrial invasion, artificial intelligence, September 11th, the Nasis, and many more. 

Courtenay Turner’sTurner’s podcasts are available on Apple, Google, and Spotify. Her show is a testimony to her passion for inspiring, educating, and motivating others to move as they wish and explore the potential in their bodies and the healing gifts that can be uncovered as they explore their physical expressions. 

For more information, you can visit his website or Youtube channel. 

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