Cody Jefferson, Helping Good Men Become Great

Finding a perfect life is almost an impossibility in this lifetime. You see one thriving in business; their marriage is struggling. You find the one whose marriage is successful; the finances are the issue. You find one with money; stress is consuming their body and mind. However, it is possible to improve and to have it all in life and business.

Cody Jefferson has been at the forefront, helping thousands of people become extraordinary. Having served as a pastor for thirteen years, with his life bound to ministry, Cody wanted to serve people differently. His mission was to ensure that people achieve not only spiritual fulfillment but also personal, relational, physical, and financial abundance as well. As a result, Cody has saved hundreds of marriages and empowered over 4000 men in Embrace The Lion. 

Big Dreamers Can Become High Achievers

Many people wonder, “how does one come from being a dreamer to an achiever?” Well, dreaming feels good and doesn’t need any work. However, what differentiates dreamers from achievers is passion, action, knowing your strength, and the power of your thoughts. 

According to Cody, high achievers are dreamers who know when and how to take their actions. As a result, they turn their ideas into meaningful actions. Additionally, they don’t procrastinate their actions but continuously become habits. 

Cody teaches dreamers to exploit their strengths if they want to become great. For example, for business people, he teaches them to focus on their revenue and nature; the culture focused on a central mission to make them the better versions of themselves. 

Expand Your Influence

If you want to become great, you need to expand your influence. Influencing is very important as it includes understanding yourself. It involves creating a better working environment. Additionally, you can use your influence to launch new initiatives, create change in your organization and make strategic decisions. 

Cody has been teaching CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other go-getters to scale their businesses, expand their influence, and grow their impact. Besides, he has been advising them on establishing a robust personal and professional life. According to Cody, having influence will build strong relationships built on trust. You will also be better positioned to achieve your long-term goals. Growing your influence will also boost your self-esteem and confidence and help you garner praise and public respect.

The 4H

The 4H stands for head, heart, health, and habits. These four pillars play a significant role in creating a life that transitions from good to great. These pillars are the foundation to Embrace Lion’s coaching system. They have been able to crack the code on how to master the areas of the head, heart, health, and habits. Why? So that they can have it all in life and business. 

If these 4H’s are well handled, then you can get into the best shape of your life and become a better version of yourself. 

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