This Licensed Psychotherapist Is The ‘medicine’ California Needs

We all experience mood swings, anxiety, stress, and other forms of emotional distress at one point or another in our lives. Whether it is because of a rejection, relationship, financial issues, personal loss, or a professional setback. However, some people eventually bounce back, while other times, a little extra help might be needed. 

Therefore, if you feel low and empty and notice some negative patterns in your lifestyle that you can’t seem to break, you need a psychotherapist. But did you know that the things we do, our emotions, and our thoughts directly affect our energy? Hence, you need to take care of your mental health to help strengthen your capacity to cope with everyday stressors and handle challenges more effectively. 

Psychotherapy is a tool that can help create success in every area of your life. Some people seek psychotherapy because they feel anxious, depressed, or angry for a long time. Others have short-term problems and need help navigating. Yet others may want help for an illness interfering with their physical or emotional well-being. 

Meet Your #1 Psychotherapist

Marilyn Julia Brown Is a licensed psychotherapist, registered yoga teacher, clinical supervisor, and certified energy healer in Southern California. For almost a decade she has held her professional license as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She has almost two decades of experience working in various roles in diverse mental health settings and currently works in her private practice, A Mindful Way Counseling to provide liberation-based psychotherapy. 

Liberation-Based Therapy is a psychotherapeutic group practice supporting mental health and wellness through the lens of liberation-based healing practices. It is emotionally focused and culturally affirming with a strengths-based perspective. 

What You Need To See In Choosing A Good Psychotherapist

No one wants to gamble with their lives, especially when it comes to matters healing. The right qualifications are essential to look for when seeking a good psychotherapist. So what makes a good therapist?

  1. A love and passion for helping others

Therapy is about building trust. So love for the job is essential. For instance, Marilyn enjoys helping other people. When she does it, you will sense it makes you relax and be open around your therapist. 

  1. Authentic

A good therapist doesn’t need to look like they have all the answers or are perfect. This may look manipulative, making it hard for clients to relax. Instead, excellent therapist works hard to be themselves when with clients, which is called being ‘congruent.’ They also act within appropriate ethical boundaries. 

  1. Believes in people

It is tough to believe in a person if you sense that they don’t believe in you. As a therapist, Marilyn believes in your worth and your potential to improve. Marilyn never puts you down, criticizes you, or makes you feel bad about yourself. 

Marilyn is also very reliable, has good powers of observation, and has excellent listening skills. 

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