How One Word Is Changing The World At Exponential Rates: Clarity

Would you get in a car and tell the GPS to take you somewhere. No. It would take you nowhere because it doesn’t know where you want to go. You have to know where you are going first. That way, you will be able to accelerate in the right direction. Many want to get somewhere fast. Acceleration is what moves you forward, but it’s not always fast. The difference between being on the hamster wheel can be the same to many as being productive, mainly because you kept moving. However, to progress, you need to get off the hamster wheel and go up the ladder of success towards your dreams and goals. 

Like the example of the GPS, you can’t shoot toward your goals without having Clarity. Whether you are trying to figure out the next step in a relationship or deciding whether or not to take that leap of faith in your career or business, you need Clarity. 

About Jateya Jones

Jateya Jones is a Clarity Coach and CEO of Jateya Jones Consulting. She has been ahead of the game in helping aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners get clear on their objectives and goals, confidently show up, and boldly stand out in the marketplace, increasing their impact and income. 

Additionally, she is a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur who runs several businesses succinctly and successfully, all because she has mastered one very essential trait: Clarity. According to her, Clarity is power, and once you have it, you will find success in life and business. 

Capacity Breeds Clarity 

Clarity allows you to balance your professional life and personal life without sacrificing yourself and what matters most to you. 

Once you have Clarity, you’ll attract like-minded communities who can help you develop a culture that benefits everyone. 


You probably know how difficult it can be to make progress on anything if you’ve ever felt lost or aimless in your life. It’s simpler to get what you want out of life when you have Clarity about your goals and priorities. It’s much easier to get things done when you clearly understand why you’re doing something. The force of this conviction will enable you to overcome any obstacles you may encounter. This conviction is necessary for beginning the journey ahead with confidence.

Clarity Makes It Easier To Prioritize

Ever heard of the saying that the graveyard is the richest place on earth because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled. All these people needed was a bit of Clarity. It’s challenging to make decisions that get you where you want to go when your mind is fuzzy and plagued with indecision. Instead of overthinking, mental Clarity allows you to make quick decisions. It also makes organizing an enormous to-do list and deciding what to work on first much easier. It’s easy to start doubting yourself when you’re unfocused and preoccupied. Mental Clarity allows you to perceive yourself objectively and without prejudice. A clear and concentrated mind will not entertain these thoughts, fretting over what others think of you.

Clarity Allows Fulfillment

Many people feel guilty for not appreciating your life, despite how wonderful it is? Mental Clarity permits you to perceive things as they are rather than second-guessing if your life is good enough. It increases your awareness of the small things that frequently go unnoticed, allowing you to be more pleased with what you have.

It is easy to see why Clarity is an essential aspect of life in its broad spectrums. Lucky for everyone, some coaches and enthusiasts are willing to support people to live with Clarity so that they can attain their wildest dreams and, just like a healthy ripple, change the world a soul at a time.

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