Stadio Global Pathways For Athletes You Need To Know

Web 3 is the latest technology that promises to revolutionize our interactions on the internet. One of the companies at the forefront of uncovering the benefits of web 3 to athletes is Stadio global. Recently launched, Stadio is on a mission to empower monetization directly with fans. They view web 3 as the future of ownership and wealth creation in sports. 

Read on to learn more about the pathways for continuous monetization provided by Stadio. 

Stadio Global 

Stadio global is an enabled technology company in the web three and crypto niche. Martin Lazarevic and his co-partner Ash Hoey have developed a digital ecosystem where athletes, fans, and sports media could make the most out of crypto and web three. 

So far, Stadio has enrolled several artists on their platform, including Rugby league star Latrell Mitchell, basketball players Dejan Vasiljevic and Sunday Dech, football stars Milos Ninkovic and Alex Wilkinson, among others. 

Stadio holds immense benefits for professional and amateur athletes. One of the benefits is greater engagement and transaction with fans. Athletes get to share what matters most to them with their fans, e.g. a charity or an exclusive event. On the other hand, fans can purchase stuff using NFT plus engage with their favorite athletes. 

Pathways Provided 

Stadio has built a virtual ecosystem with dynamic utilities. One of the pathways athletes get to earn on the platform is through a white glove service where Stadio sets up the athlete‚Äôs wallet and works with them on the ways they can earn in the ecosystem. 

Let’s say the athlete wants to earn from crypto, bitcoin, or NFT, Stadio will set up the necessary systems and make it happen. The athletes can also trade with other currencies like Ethereum and MATIC. 

The second pathway for continuous monetization for athletes in Stadio is by StadioLeaguez. Stadio plans to launch an NFT based game dubbed Stadio League 3V3. Athletes get to have their own NFT in the game. What sets the game apart from other games is that a rule of stats backs the NFTs. The game has traits that are affected by the athlete’s performance in their seasons. Therefore, if the athlete tops the charts in real-time, the value of their NFT goes up. 

The developers of StadioLeaguez drew inspiration from NBA Jan and FIFA Ultimate. Players will get to trade and exchange cards. What’s more, they can use the NFTs they gain to redeem things in the future in the ecosystem. 

Benefits of Stadio 

There are immense benefits to Stadio’s platform. For starters, the developers want the ecosystem to run on its own within and out in terms of engagement and transactions. Stadio plans to introduce the Stadio coin, which will be attached to the tokens in the ecosystem. Those with the coins can buy stuff or exchange them for crypto. 

Stadio’s ethos says, “Come for the assets, stay for the experience.” That’s because the platform offers more than acquiring a particular NFT. Stadio’s ecosystem fosters community and promises multiple rewards. 

You can begin your journey in the Stadio ecosystem by registering on their website. Also, be sure to keep up to date with future NFT drops by following them on twitter and instagram: 

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