3 Ways To Live Authentically In Your Purpose


We are all put on earth with a unique purpose that we can leverage to keep moving ahead even when the going gets tough and to share our gifts in a way that helps our families, communities, and society.  Purpose sparks this motivation and cultivates the growth mindset that is required to fuel this forward, hopeful momentum in daily life.

To make the most of the opportunities in life for growth, achievement, and a sense of fulfillment, it is important to get specific about your purpose. A vague sense of “I like to help people” may be true, but it doesn’t do your unique purpose justice.  Be particular about how you choose to spend your time, who you spend it with, and what choices you are making on a daily basis. Your purpose can guide you to set priorities and stay focused to make the best of your time on this earth.

1.     Activate Joy

To live authentically in your purpose, start by fueling and consistently renewing your energy.

Joy is the fuel that illuminates your purpose. Explore joyous activities that make you lose track of time and self, and help you feel invigorated. Please do not delay opportunities to experience joy. You need it to stay strong and focused for the long term.

Studies show that joy supports your immune system, increases your psychological resilience, and helps you cope more effectively with stress and anxiety.

  1. Update Your Story

Words matter. What words shape the story you tell yourself about yourself?  Are you reinforcing a belief that “one day I will be worthy”` or  “I’m too this or that?”  That internal narrative isn’t true! You are born ‘enough’ with specific innate building blocks, like strengths and personality traits, that shape your sense of worth and your specific ways of making a positive impact in the world.

Update your story based on your purpose and you will find that it helps you navigate life with more confidence and a sense of affirmation that is incredibly empowering.

3.    Be Intentional

Once you have discovered your purpose, begin each morning by examining what lies ahead that day. How can you infuse joy in your commute?  How can you navigate challenges by activating your natural gifts?  How can you bring a deeper sense of fulfillment to mundane tasks at work? Then, every evening, reflect on your meaning-making to honor specifically how your purpose improved your experiences and how it helped others. For example, your natural kindness impacted the stranger at the grocery store and brought a smile to her face, and your power of perseverance helped you finish that project on time.  You will find that defining your ‘why’ and how to share your purpose with the world is tremendously fulfilling and exciting.

Anna Hall’s Purpose Equation®

Through decades of experience in the senior living and housing industry and exploration of current research on subjective well-being, positive psychology, and self-determination theory, Anna developed an evidence-informed framework that helps people activate their purpose in just six hours, spread out over a few weeks. This is not a gimmick – it explores purpose from specific perspectives.  The intersection point of these perspectives reveals one’s purpose. Anna defines purpose as giving and getting meaning and joy in daily life.

Anna’s Purpose Equation program guides people through targeted exploration of their most natural elements, including values, character strengths, personality traits, and joy. Every person’s unique purpose informs what motivates them, what excites them, and what keeps them engaging in life and moving forward through life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Going through life – especially when it comes to career decisions, job performance, setting priorities, and being resilient – without a sense of purpose can feel confusing and aimless. Defining and activating purpose gives each of us a clear roadmap, with a compass built-in, to live a fulfilling life that more effortlessly leads to achieving goals and succeeding in our various roles, as an employee, friend, partner, parent, etc. 

The Equation provides a tangible way to understand and activate purpose – a concept that has historically been vague and hard to pinpoint. Move from confusion to clarity, exhausted to refreshed, uncertain to decisive with the power of your unique purpose lighting your path from the inside out.

To learn more about how to activate your purpose, and to explore the Purpose Equation member community that provides ongoing support, social connection, and expansion of your purpose, visit Anna’s website here or email discover@ThePurposeEquationcom to schedule a complimentary call to explore if and how the Purpose Equation programs can help you live your life to the fullest.

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