Does the Lawyer/Client Confidentiality Trust Include Politics?

Lawyer Client Confidentiality

Michael Cohen is an attorney who works for Donald Trump. He is also extremely outspoken about championing his client for President.

He was recently interviewed on CNN about the Trump campaign, and quickly turned the segment into an adversarial confrontation worthy of an episode on Law & Order.

Reporter Brianna Keller started the ball rolling by stating that Trump was down in the polls.

Cohen immediately shot back: “Says who? Name one poll.”

The dialogue quickly escalated (or degenerated) from there, and went viral on social media in a matter of minutes.

Canadian barrister Ian Tanguay responded to this exchange on his blog: “This is the height of absurdity. Michael Cohen has placed the dignity of the law at the lowest level it’s ever been.”

Burton Maddox, a paralegal from Scranton, Pennsylvania, saw it differently. He told the Keystone State News Agency: “That’s how lawyers are supposed to fight for their clients. He didn’t reveal any of Trump’s legal secrets, if he has any. It was the right thing to do.”