Why Digital Commerce Is A Game Changer In Your Fashion Business

Digital commerce has become a crucial part of increasing sales. There’s a growing number of online shoppers, which accelerated when the pandemic sent us into lockdown. Furthermore, there’s a growth in social commerce as 35.9% of internet users will make at least one purchase on social media platforms. 

This transition proves that digital commerce (e-commerce and social commerce) has become a business game-changer. We talked to entrepreneur Cesar Cruz to learn how he managed to utilize digital commerce to turn his company into a multi-million dollar business. 

About Cesar Cruz 

Cesar Cruz (also nicknamed Ricky Cruz) is the founder and owner of the Sebastian Cruz Couture. He founded the company in 2013 and has scaled it to one of the largest fashion brands in the menswear niche. 

In 2012, before starting Sebastian Cruz Couture, Cesar was buying custom-made suits from Astor & Black. This was the time when the Kardashians were becoming popular. Scott Disick wore suits from this company which contributed to a demand for suits. Astor & Black was the company that dressed male celebrities. Cesar stumbled upon this brand via social media and started purchasing several custom suits from them. 

Cesar was already in the e-commerce world. He would regularly post looks on Instagram while raising money for his start-up. Since he was in his early 20s, most people didn’t take him seriously. Some were under the impression that Cesar had a rich dad who owned a company. 

Even so, Cesar persisted in posting custom suits and wearing daily looks. Before his wedding, he went to pick up two custom suits from his alterations person. He saw the owner’s daughter hand-crocheting pocket squares, and in that instant, he got the idea to sell pocket squares. 

Why Digital Commerce is a GameChanger 

When asked why he thinks digital commerce is a game-changer, Cesar tells the narrative of his company’s success. When he launched Sebastian Cruz Couture, he posted across all his online platforms. 

The first item that Sebastian Cruz Couture sold was linen pocket squares. He bought two pocket squares from the lady he saw hand-crocheting them. His wife had already emailed him asking if they should set up an eCommerce site for fashion. Cesar was open to the idea, but he knew that they had to enter the market with something very unique. He felt that they had no excuse to build a brand if they would offer typical products. 

Cesar and his wife decided to leverage bots to post on their 300 online accounts. He set up an Instagram with the name @The Pocket Square Industry which was genius because the audience recognized his brand as the only pocket squares manufactured within the industry. Cesar automated the posting process and got over 20K followers within a short time. 

Cesar points out that back in 2014, you didn’t have to spend even $1 on ads if you had your strategy on point. His online accounts grew like crazy as he regularly shared product posts with the right audience. 

Why Digital Commerce is a game-changer 

Cesar Cruz’s story is proof that digital commerce is a game-changer. Most of your clients are online. If you automate your processes, target the right audience, and most authentic products, you will see exponential growth in sales. 

We hope that Cruz’s story has inspired you to have a positive outlook on digital commerce. You can stay up to date with the latest from Sebastian Cruz Couture by checking out their website