Trademarks and Patents: Business Litigation Advice for Entrepreneurs

Trademarks Patents and Business Litigation

Businesses acquire certain benefits through intellectual property laws. These laws apply to the use of trademarks and patents. Under these laws, outside parties are prohibited from utilizing these items without proper legal permission. When unauthorized use of the items is discovered, a business litigation attorney takes action on behalf of these companies.

Business Litigation and Securing a Trademark

To secure a business trademark, the company owner must file an application through the United States Patents and Trademarks Office. The application should include images of logos and written statements of specific slogans used exclusively by the company. Once the application is processed, the trademark is legal and binding. It is also protected under federal trademark laws and outsider use becomes illegal. A business litigation attorney could assist the business owner with these requirements.

How Does A Patent Work?

Patents apply to inventions and the cultivating of products and services. The patent enforces laws pertaining to the use of the formula or design by others. This could apply to concepts in which the company intends to achieve through their business. Under patent laws, any unauthorized use of the patented information gives the owner the right to file a lawsuit against the offender. A patent attorney assists these business owners in these endeavors.

Enforcing the Intellectual Property Rights of the Business

Intellectual property rights apply to businesses and individuals. The property is described as written or artistic materials used by the owner to generate a profit. Intellectual property rights are extended but not limited to musical artists, authors, songwriters, graphic designs, and web developers.

The unauthorized use or production of any kind of these materials is illegal. The only legal option for individuals who wish to use these materials is to secure use rights through a contract. Individuals how violate these laws face civil litigation and possible criminal charges.

Businesses and sole proprietors have the legal right to take action when their intellectual property, trademark, or patent rights are violated. The first step of litigation to to send notice to these individual to stop the use of these materials. Next, the owner should find a lawyer and file a claim based on the profits generated from the unauthorized use of the property. Owners who need legal advice or assistance should contact a business litigation attorney right now.