Sorry, Dude; it’s Still Illegal.

Medical Marijuana

Potheads and those advocating marijuana for medicinal purposes were hoping that the growing number of states allowing its use for recreation and pain management would push the federal government into taking the drug off its proscribed list.

But that hasn’t happened. Instead, on Thursday the DEA announced that marijuana would remain a Schedule 1 substance — meaning that the FDA considers it to have no medical use. And is considered by the federal government to be illegal for any use.

At least 8 states will have a marijuana measure on their ballots this coming November. 24 states already allow marijuana use for recreational and/or medical use.

Although federal law still prohibits its sale and use, the Justice Department has so far not challenged state laws, taking a ‘watch and wait’ position for now. But the new President in November could change all that with a word in the Attorney General’s ear.

But dude, as of today, it’s still technically against the law everywhere in the USA.