Meet LA Cosmetic & Beauty Genius: Malacka Reed EL

Malacka is a famous, licensed makeup artist. This phenomenal individual sells her cosmetic makeup line, and for sure, it has not been in vain. The business has formed a solid base from where it operates. This champion has been flexibly moving to larger enterprises that earn her much money through this small start. Incredibly, it was from cosmetics she was able to move to sell clothes. Shocking enough, this influential entrepreneur owns a massive boutique called Malacka’s Showroom.

Background History

Malacka’s background history is an exciting and life-changing story everyone needs to know. This woman has built from mud, and that is how she has now moved from grass to grace. People may see her and imagine how rich and beautiful she has been from a young age. No! The fact is that the journey has not been a walk in the park. It has been an arduous journey characterized by suffering and fighting battles along the way. Congratulations to this great woman for the power to overcome all the complex challenges. Notably, she grew up around poverty, where her mother was selling drugs to sustain the family. However, all these shortcomings did not bring her down. Instead, she turned all the negatives into positives and pressed on to where she is now.

The Starting Point

Malacka had been in the makeup industry for six years. You can guess how enriched she must be with the experience. It took this entrepreneur little time to create her makeup line. This well-set champion had the laboratories that make the makeup. Therefore it was easy for her to figure out the laboratory she wanted. After meeting with all the labs, she chose her cosmetic line and identified how she wanted her pigmentation. Within a tingle of an eye, this time conscious champion was back and selling mobile. This start is precisely where and how she began her cosmetic work.

Personal Life

Malacka has a well-developed personal life. She has a good family, that is, her children, to be specific. She had a daughter at 15 years, the second child at 19 years, and the last born at 31 years. This entrepreneur is not too young, but she has a youthful spirit. She uses her personal life to help individuals change and become desirable members of society. This genius hides nothing but puts forward all she has been through and how she has been fighting battles from time back. 

Business Life

Malacka does much business. The leading company she has now is selling clothes. From what we know about her business life, she moved to this business because it was well-paying. This champion is also a motivational speaker who is hired to speak on different occasions. She is widespread, and many people hire her to host shows, and that is how she sources out huge incomes. This woman is also an author. So far, she has written two books, and one will soon hit the public by the holiday time.


If I were a startup entrepreneur, I would follow the background story of this phenomenal creature to make sure I also crush it in business. What do I mean? All startups and the public should embrace the overview nature of this champion’s personal life, business life, and history as a guide to achieving their dreams.