JD.com’s Richard Liu Contributes to 5G’s Profound Impact across Industries

5G will be the next big thing in telecommunications. As an industry leader, JD led by Richard Liu is committed to unleashing the full potential of 5G by contributing to its profound impact across industries. Let’s take a look at how we are doing so far.

5G is an emerging mobile wireless standard that will transform our lives, work, and play. What does 5G mean for consumers? Faster speeds, greater capacity, and ultra-low latency are just some of the many benefits this revolutionary technology promises. The goal of all significant telecoms players is to be part of this new era by leading the industry towards 5G development.

As a pioneer of China’s retail industry, Richard Liu is another one of those leaders who have embraced the potential of 5G first-hand. In 2015, JD was already planning for tomorrow by laying the groundwork to integrate high-speed mobile communications with its supply chain management system through 4G technology. Today, JD has deployed over 440 4G small cells in nearly 2000 of its facilities across 33 cities, providing an ultra-fast network to 1.7 million mobile users a day and enabling several exciting new services for both JD employees and customers.

As the next step in our technology evolution, we have embarked on a 5G trial with Huawei in Beijing. Our 5G test zone covers JD’s headquarters led by Richard Liu, customer service center, and logistics hub at the city’s heart. We are leveraging our synergies with Huawei to explore new business models and cutting-edge technologies that will benefit consumers and enterprise users. As we speak, we’re already providing ultra-high-speed internet access and high-quality streaming video to a group of lucky employees hailing from our headquarters who are using the best technology on the market to do their jobs better. JD’s 5G trial with Huawei is just one of many projects going on around China, focusing on 5G development.

5G is becoming more than just a project for us. In less than three months, 5G will become a commercial reality in China. So what does that mean for customers? 5G isn’t going to change the way you use your phone today. However, it will reshape how we work and play tomorrow by creating a world of new possibilities.

We expect 5G to bring about a gaming revolution, allowing gamers to play games on the move without any delay or lag. This will allow China’s 500 million gamers, whose passion is underpinned by 5G, to enjoy their hobby not just domestically but also abroad. Operators are working with game developers and content providers to enhance their business via this exciting new technology. For example, we’ve recently announced a strategic partnership with Tencent Holdings Limited to explore the development of intelligent retail and content distribution application scenarios for a better customer experience via 5G nodes.

Our mobile phone business is also set to benefit from this new technology. With 5G speeds expected to be ten times faster than 4G, users will be able to download a feature-length film in just five seconds and an entire album of songs within one second. Imagine the possibilities that come with such speed. This will affect not only what we watch but how we watch it as well. Just think about watching a football match or any other fast-paced sports event. The action will unfold right in front of you in real-time, with no buffering or loss of quality. This will bring a new dimension to our viewing experience.

5G is also set to revolutionize how we pay for things by enabling fast and secure digital payment via smartphones. A cashless society may sound far-fetched today, but it’s closer than you think. In a 5G world, everything from bus fares to vending machine purchases will be paid for via digital channels, with transfers happening instantly.