How Alex Draper Is Directing Leaders From The Front

Did you know that leadership is not all about fancy titles and spreadsheets? Leadership is about relationships, personal encounters, and solving problems before they even happen.

Since being a child, Alex Draper grew as a leader. It started at home where his Dad taught him what not to do, but his mother and siblings gave him the blessing of empathy and compassion. After his college studies, Alex fell into the management development industry. This man always dreamed of moving to America since his late godmother gave him a Chicago Bears hat at 14. He worked hard and asked to be sent to America to set up their business there. 

 Alex knew he was destined to start his own business one day and saw a huge gap in the industry. As soon as he got his green card, DX was born with the purpose of wiping out bad leadership, the kind he had witnessed all his life. 

About DX

DX was founded in 2015 by Alex. He had seen a gap that he felt he needed to fill—the gap related to the efficacy-based leadership training. From watching thousands of leaders in leadership classes over the years, and from previous bosses, it was obvious there was not enough clarity and vision (C); not enough autonomy (A) and flexibility, human relationships ®, and a sense of belonging was missing; and equity (E) got lost in the mail somewhere. Many organizations and leaders within truly didn’t CARE for their employees. Additionally, leaders do not live up to the values that are written on the walls and websites of their corporations. They say one thing and do another. Delegating culture and people issues to HR has also been another significant problem. 

He is inching closer to finishing his first book, The CARE Equation. This book speaks about unleashing leader potential hidden in us all 

He came up with the idea of  DX to be a partner of progressive leadership training that taps into the powerful combination of behavioral psychology and experiential learning to expose and eliminate bad leadership and prepare leaders to put people first. 

Alex had noted how the expectations of the workforce were changing every day, yet organizations and leaders were not changing at the same pace. 

Disrupting The Leadership Industry

Alex now brings transformation and a new breath of fresh air into the industry. He achieves this goal through science-based methodologies that drive leadership self-awareness, emotional intelligence, inclusivity that led to increased psychological safety that solves organizational challenges. 

This man has helped over 25,000 people with DX’s leadership programs all over the world. He practices what he teaches for an ever-growing global team and home with two children and people he mentors and coaches. He is far from perfect but seeks to get better every day.


There are certain fundamental qualities that you need to have for you to lead. One of the crucial things is that you need to have respect. This respect comes from your performance, both hard results, and people’s results. When you lead by example as a leader, you command the respect that can help you lead others. When both get business results while developing and engaging your team at the same time, that builds the respect needed.

Another thing is to have a firm commitment to do the right thing. It also requires you to take the strength of a character at the right time and place. You, therefore, need to do what you say and say what you do. Don’t be someone who teaches water but takes wine. If you do that, your team will probably never trust you, and you will never be able to lead them to greatness. 

Have A Team Culture

Re-Establishing Your Team’s Culture

DX possesses a strong culture that any organization can borrow and thrive. In their culture, they ask themselves specific questions taken from Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Advantage

  1. Why do we exist? 
  2. How do webehave? 
  3. What do wedo? 
  4. How do wesucceed? 
  5. What is important? 
  6. Who does what?

Every Monday morning, Alex and his team start with those six questions, which is how they have managed to establish a strong culture. They give feedback and are also dedicated to creating psychological safety. 


Do you want to be an authority in your industry or business space? Well, you need to provide CARE, direction, inspiration, and guidance. Good leaders exhibit passion, confidence, courage, commitment, and ambition. Always put people first and nurture their talents and strengths. Remember to build teams that are committed to achieving common goals. 

If you follow the above traits, you will be able to disrupt your industry as a leader. It would also help if you visited this website to learn more about leadership.