Family Law: Virtual Consultations to Beat Covid-19

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The current global pandemic has caused serious economic issues, with many businesses closing down as they are unable to operate, yet there are many sectors that can offer their services in a virtual manner. Rather than making an appointment to meet with a family lawyer, you can now interact with the legal expert via a Zoom video call.

Legal Advice

When a person realises their relationship is on the rocks, it is important to have some legal counsel and the family lawyer is the ideal person to contact. Most family law firms offer a free 30-minute virtual consultation, when the lawyer listens to you as you explain your circumstances, then offers you advice. There are asset issues to discuss with your partner and if there are children, their welfare must come first and your lawyer would help you to create an agreement with your partner that covers every aspect of the practicalities of separation and divorce.

Getting Their Message Across

Most people are not aware that they have can virtual consultations with family lawyers and the law firm might enlist the help of a leading Google Ads agency in order to advertise the fact that they offer such a service. The digital marketing agency would know the most productive forms of online marketing and when the law company makes an enquiry, the SEO specialists would carry out a free online audit to determine the strength of the client’s online profile.

Child Custody & Support

When there are children involved, both parties must come to an agreement over every aspect of the children’s care, which would include custody, visitation rights and, of course, financial support. During the pandemic, all communication can be virtual, which reduces the risk of spreading the virus, and you still get the same outcome as if the meetings were face to face. Once your lawyer has been briefed over a Zoom call, he or she can then contact the lawyer who is representing your ex-partner and negotiations can begin. If, for example, you are divorcing a person with an alcohol dependency, this can be very stressful and you certainly need to take legal advice.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

It is often the case where two people are about to enter into a relationship and they wish to secure their existing wealth by drafting a legally binding agreement with their new partner that outlines the assets that are not joint. This protects your wealth and should you ever decide to end the relationship, your financial liabilities are limited according to the details of the pre-nuptial agreement that was signed by both parties. This type of agreement can be made at any stage of the relationship and your family lawyer can assist you virtually, having video calls with you and your partner, which enables the legal expert to draw up the agreement. Click here for UK government information about getting a divorce.

If you are under lockdown and would like legal advice regarding the break-up of your relationship, simply search online for a family law firm who would be happy to offer a free 30-minute virtual consultation.