Can Vitamins for Joints Support Healthy Aging?

Vitamins for Joints

Strong, flexible joints are a key component of healthy aging. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, you depend on healthy joints to help you enjoy life’s adventures to the fullest.

Taking high-quality vitamins for joints can help you maintain the strength and flexibility of your joints as you age.

So what kind of vitamins do your joints need to help maintain their health? We’ll take a look at what nutrients are best for your joints and how you can help support your joints throughout your life.

How Vitamins for Joints Can Help You Stay Active

When your focus is on joint health, there are various lifestyle changes you can make to support your goals for strong, flexible joints. Some of the key components of a healthy joint regimen are physical movement, weight management, and proper nutrition.

Moving your body regularly is essential for maintaining joint mobility. Low-impact physical activity can be the easiest on your joints, so opt for walking, hiking, swimming, yoga, or any other activities you enjoy. The important thing is to move your body in some way each day.

Weight management is important for supporting your joint health because excess pounds can put more strain on your joints. Achieving a healthy weight can relieve additional pressure on your joints and help maintain joint comfort.

Proper nutrition plays a role in the health of just about every part of your body. Some nutrients are naturally produced in your body but that production may slow down as you age. Other nutrients are considered to be essential because they can only be supplied by your diet. So if your diet isn’t providing those nutrients, it may be more difficult for you to look and feel your best. Vitamins for joints can help support your body’s functions for optimal health.

Vitamins for Joints: Which are the Most Beneficial?

Maintaining the health of your bones and joints starts with the right nutrition. Cartilage is the tough, rubbery connective tissue that cushions the ends of bones and allows them to move fluidly without friction. Joint flexibility and comfort depend on healthy cartilage production. As you age, this production can begin to slow down. Providing your body with bone- and joint-supporting nutrients is your best line of defense in helping to maintain cartilage activity.

When looking for vitamins for joints, some key nutrients to look for are:

Glucosamine is one of the main ingredients you’ll find in many formulas for joint health. You’ll find glucosamine in the synovial fluid that surrounds the joints. This natural sugar is used in your body to support the strength and production of cartilage. Supplementing with glucosamine is believed to help maintain the integrity of your cartilage for joint comfort.

Curcumin is another well-loved ingredient in vitamins for joints. You’ll find curcumin in tasty dishes that are flavored with turmeric. Besides enjoying its flavor, you can also enjoy its joint-supporting benefits. Curcumin is known for supporting a healthy inflammatory response to help maintain the comfort and mobility of your joints.  

Adding these two nutrients to your daily supplement regimen can help you maintain strong, flexible joints so you can continue to enjoy your adventurous lifestyle.

USANA Bone and Joint Health Supplements are Your Healthy Aging Ally

The USANA Bone and Joint Health line of supplements offers the nutrients you need to help you enjoy an active lifestyle. Included in the array is USANA Procosa which features the unique InCelligence Joint-Support Complex. For optimal joint support, this formula delivers 1500 mg of glucosamine HCL and 260 mg of Meriva Bioavailable Curcumin Complex. Bioavailability means your body will readily absorb the joint-supporting benefits of curcumin. Just three daily tablets of USANA Procosa can help support your joint strength and mobility so you can stay active throughout your life.