Arizona Attorney General Asks for Blanket Dismissal of Numerous ADA Cases

AID Lawsuit

The AG’s office recently filed a motion to dismiss over one thousand pending cases against business owners that were initiated by a single attorney working for Advocates for American Disabled Individuals, LLC.

Attorney Peter Strojnik, who filed all of them, calls the Attorney General’s action “An abuse of the legal system.”

The AG’s office maintain that the actions are nothing more than nuisance suits, mostly concerning the lack of Handicapped Parking spaces in front of businesses and stores in the Phoenix area.

Strojnik receives an undisclosed fee for each case he files.

According to the Attorney General’s office, all of his cases in the past were settled out of court, and that a simple letter could have been sent to all the involved businesses simply requesting they comply with current ADA guidelines for Handicapped Parking instead of going to the time and expense of taking them to court.