5 Ways By Chris D. Bentley On How To Use Social Media For Real Estate

Research has proven that social media has advanced and become a valuable tool that real estate companies use to reach and serve their clients. The US social media users’ statistics reveal that 223 million Americans own various social media accounts. 

Real estate companies are leveraging social media platforms to expand their clientele. Chris D. Bentley highlights 5 Ways to use social media platforms to increase your fortunes in real estate. 

  1. Marketing

You can use social media to sell your real estate services, increasing your brand visibility. Positioning yourself by curving your niche in the industry would help you edge out your competitors. You need to precisely explain the services you offer as a Realtor, the cost of the available apartments, and a clear description of related facilities that the apartment contains, like the gazebos and swimming pools. 

  1. Medium of Engagement with Clients

Social media is an avenue you could use to promote customer relationships. It offers a platform through which customers can make inquiries and receive responses from Realtors. By giving timely customer feedback, customers would develop their loyalty. Through your official social media page, clients can highlight their complaints, which would boost your customers’ satisfaction when handled appropriately. You could also post your upcoming events to keep customers updated.

  1. Helps Generate Leads

Social media is a channel for new lead generation. You could share the stories of clients who have positively benefited from your real estate business and act as a catalyst for acquiring new customer leads. 

Publishing positive customer feedback from previously served clients helps win prospective new customers. You could also use the virtual conferencing application to communicate with your customers.

  1. Increasing Online Traffic

Social media attracts significant online traffic, which you could tap into to boost prospective customers visiting your official website. You could enjoy many customers visiting your page with a proper keyword optimisation mechanism. SEMrush is a good tool that you could use to understand the type of keyword your competitors are using. Continue updating your social media accounts about your new apartments using blogs to keep your customers updated, increasing the probability of conversion.

  1. An Opportunity To Learn About Your Customers

Through social media, you could get customers’ details that can direct you in improving your services. Analytics of social media users’ data gives you a clear picture of the ideal picture of services your clients desire. You could use this information as a checklist to self-audit and improve your mode of operation to boost your customers’ satisfaction. 


Social media offers a boost in the real estate business. You could effectively communicate with customers about upcoming events and improve customer engagement. Improved customer relations enhance their loyalty guaranteeing repeat business and business continuity. 

The above 5 tips can go a long way in changing your real estate experience. 

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