4 Crucial Facts to Know About the 3M Combat Earplugs Case

Many military service members in Iraq and Afghanistan may have been deployed with defective earplugs. The 3M combat earplugs suffered from a defect that led them to slowly loosen and provide insufficient noise protection. These were dual-ended earplugs, intended to allow conversation and hearing instructions from nearby soldiers while protecting the soldiers from louder noises. 

3M has already paid out for at least one lawsuit for failing to adequately inform the military about the problem. There are many more lawsuits in the works against the company for providing faulty equipment. The lawsuits allege that 3M Company was aware of the flaws but continued to market and produce the earplugs in spite of the problem. Here are a few essential things you need to know about the ongoing cases and what they mean:

Thousands of Veterans May Have Hearing Damage

Thousands of veterans could have been affected by these flawed 3M combat arms earplugs. The veterans filing these cases against the manufacturer say that design defects and a lack of clear instructions may have led to unexpected long-term damage to their hearing as a result. 

Because they weren’t adequately protected from extremely loud noises, they now have to cope with hearing loss, tinnitus or a loss of balance because of damage to their ear. Who knows how many veterans could be dealing with unexplained hearing loss today as a result? 

Affected Veterans Can Seek Compensation 

Anyone who is dealing with hearing loss who served in the military between the years 2003 and 2015 might have used these earplugs and may be eligible for compensation. These earplugs were in regular use during these years. 

If you think the use of the black and yellow 3M earplugs may be responsible for damage to your hearing, you should reach out to a qualified legal professional to discuss your options. 

Individual Cases Could Eventually be Combined 

Numerous cases are being pursued individually against the manufacturer of these earplugs. If enough veterans are affected and seek compensation, it would be possible for attorneys to put these cases together and bring a joint action against the responsible company.

If enough veterans and attorneys bring these cases together, it may become more straightforward and easier to seek compensation for your injury. Instead of having to fight your case individually, your claim will be supported by the work done in all of the other cases being brought against 3M. 

You Can Be Compensated for Both Financial and Emotional Costs

A successful claim based on hearing loss caused by a defective product should get you financial compensation.  The money you might receive could help pay for any bills and other expenses you’ve had to handle on your own as a consequence of the injury. Beyond medical costs and hearing aids, you’ll also be able to ask for damages based on physical and emotional suffering you went through because of your hearing loss. 

If you think you might be eligible to file a claim or join this case, consider contacting a lawyer today. If you and other veterans have been taken advantage of and hurt by this corporation seeking a profit, then you deserve your fair compensation.